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Adding Other Marketing Costs

There may be scenarios where you want to track Marketing Costs from a 3rd party system that Wicked Reports does not integrate with.

How to add other Marketing Costs.

There are two ways that you can use to update "Other Marketing Cost" into Wicked Reports.

  1. Manual entry
  2. API

To upload costs manually:

You will be able to make individual entries or upload a CSV file with up to 1,000 entries. You can download the CSV template for uploading costs manually from the link below.

Marketing Cost Upload Template

  1. Login to your Wicked Reports account and navigate to "Tracking Tools" -> "Other Marketing Costs".
  2. You will have to provide the following fields:
    *All columns should exist - including Wicked Source and ID - even if no values are provided.
    1. Date - Format: (MM-DD-YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY)
    2. Cost - Should be a number with no currency symbol and greater than 0.
    3. Source
    4. Medium
    5. Campaign
    6. Content
    7. Term
    8. Wicked Source
      (optional field if UTMs are missing)
    9. Wicked ID 
      (optional field if UTMs are missing)
  3. Add the marketing costs individually, or drag and drop your CSV into the CSV import
  4. Once completed, you will receive a "successful" message.

To upload costs via API:

You can also upload marketing costs using our API. Please check the documentation below to check the endpoint and parameters of the API call that can be used.

Insert Marketing data into Wicked Reports


  1. Does the CSV Import have a limit to how much can be uploaded?
    At this time, please limit uploads to 1,000 lines at a time
    1. If you need to upload more than 1000 lines, please open a support ticket (support@wickedreports.com) and we will upload the file for you. Please allow 2-3 Business Days to complete the request
  2. Can I use non-English characters in my CSV Upload?
    No. It's not ideal as some non-English characters can cause problems for our database. Please use UTF-8 encoding for your CSV files whenever possible.
  3. Is AdId and AccountId required when uploading costs via API?
    Yes. These two fields must be provided irrespective of the channel for which the marketing data is being sent via API.