Affiliate / Referral Partner How-To's

    The process of signing up
    How to find an affiliate record
    How to find out commissions paid & owed
    Editing of an order so that the affiliate gets credit
    Monthly payment process
    Affiliate resources and login email resending
    Open issues
    The process of signing up
    A potential affiliate goes here:
    The form code is an Infusionsoft web form that is part of this campaign:
    The form creates a contact record and applies the tag “Business Development -> Affiliate App Received”
    Part of the campaign alerts “There is a new affiliate app”.  I just (10/3/17, 440pm est) updated it so that Mike, Chris, Andy, and John all get alerted, instead of me (which is why they sit there).
    I have it as a signup and approve process because I want to be able to arbitrarily deny people - I usually check their URL to make sure they don’t run some cruddy spam website and aren ‘t competition (both have happened).
    To approve someone, go to Infusionsoft and search for the contact, OR, go to contacts and use the saved search “affiliate apps that need to review”, and it finds contact records with the “affiliate app received” tag that don’t have the “affiliate” tag
    Type in name or email in the top right search of infusionsoft
    Search for all contact records with “affiliate” tag
    Use the Referral partner menu and then search
    Go to contact record of the referred order.
    Since Infusionsoft has zero clarity on where to edit, we need to edit the referral partner settings in a number of places:

    4.1 on the main contact record of the referred order, click on the referral partner tracking tab, and then “create referral” button
    Search for them in the referral partner search