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API User Settings For Sticky.io (Previously Limelight) Integration

When setting up your Sticky.io integration with Wicked Reports, you'll be creating an API Account for Wicked Reports to connect to.

  1. Inside Sticky.io, follow these instructions to set up your API Account:  
  2. Also inside Sticky.io, enable permissions on the following items:
    1. campaign_view
    2. customer_find
    3. customer_view
    4. order_find
    5. order_find_updated
    6. order_view
    7. product_index
    8. prospect_find
    9. prospect_view
    10. gateway_view
  3. Inside Wicked, go to Setup > Authorizations and enable the Sticky.io setup widget
  4. Then, fill in the following information:
    multi touch marketing attribution software

Note: The field called  Date to Start Order Import From should be set to the earliest order date you have in Sticky.io