How to use the Buying Time report to optimize email send times and turn off paid media when no one is buying.

People act and purchase differently online than they do offline. This report converts all purchases into the time of day for the purchaser based on their location to provide timing optimization insights.


Why is this report important?

The vast majority of the 1000s of emails we have analyzed are sent at 8am because that is the default send time for most email automation programs.

However, there has been only about a half dozen businesses that should be sending at 8am based on the purchase behavior of their customers!

As taught to Wicked Reports by the marketing mastermind Craig Jacobson, it is much more important to communicate with your potential customers when they are most likely to make a purchase from you. The best indicator for when someone might make a purchase from you is based on when all your previous customers have made purchases from you.

People run promotions and send emails very randomly, or they attempt to send them when the email is most likely to be open or read. Wicked Reports believes that you should send your emails when people are most likely to buy. This report tells you what time of day people buy.

What do you use this report to figure out?

The time when people are most likely to buy, so that you can send emails at that time of day and run promotions at that time of day.

What is in this report?

Order count and revenue, with the order date and time converted to the customer’s time zone at the time of purchase.

How is this report created?

The sales and customer state and country info are taken from your order system. We look at the purchase day and time from the order system and convert it to the day and time it was for the customer at the time of purchase. We then aggregate these days and purchase amounts to give you the day people are most likely to buy. Recurring subscription payments received are omitted from this report.

What questions does this report answer?

What time of day should I send my emails?
The hours with the highest revenue and sales counts relative to the other hours of a day.
  What time should I run my ads?
The hours with the highest revenue and sales counts relative to the other hours of a day.