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ClickBank Tracking Pixel Configuration

Our normal tracking widget cannot be installed on ClickBank pages. As a work-around, we provide this tracking pixel code that can be used with ClickBank.

According to ClickBank's documentation, the tracking pixel should be placed on the Order Confirmation page for "Vendor Type" tracking, which would allow us to pass email to the tracking API

https://track.wickedreports.com/pixel.php?WickedClientID=<wicked client id here>&WickedEmail=<user email address>

WickedEmail is optional.

Doc reference: https://support.clickbank.com/hc/en-us/articles/220375827-Integrated-Sales-Reporting#Tracking%20Pixel

According to ClickBank documentation, you should select to add to the URL above bill email and override name of the parameter to be WickedEmail.