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Connecting HubSpot to Wicked Reports

Powerful Alone. Better Together.

Even easier access to Attribution models that help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts because they are based on common marketing goals using real transaction data. 

Full Impact ROI allows for quick answers on overall marketing.

First Click ROI tells you were you are getting new leads.

New Lead ROI allows you to see where you get the highest quality of leads.

ReEngaged Lead ROI shows you re-engaged leads that become high value.

Last Click ROI allows you to see what converts leads.

What does this mean for you?

  • You no longer need to worry about UTMs on your Email Links.
  • You no longer need to worry about Wicked Tracking Code or Google Analytics on your email landing pages
  • We’re going to be pulling your historical email click data and attributing historical emails to your sales (even before you used Wicked Reports)
  • Email Data will be reported slightly differently in the ROI Reports
  • Campaign Emails will now show up under the utm_campaign: “broadcast-to-list”
  • Automation Emails will show up under a utm_campaign which matches the Automation Name

How to Connect HubSpot with Wicked Reports

For email Click Tracking

Note: Wicked Reports will NOT be reporting on the UTMs you use in your Hubspot emails.  Google Analytics will still use them, but Wicked Reports will not. We still recommend using the Hubspot Google Analytics setting on your emails. We also still recommend using the Wicked Reports Tracking Code and Google Analytics on your landing pages.  These are no longer required for the integration, but always good practice to keep using them.