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Creating Contacts With HTTP Post

How To Create Contacts

Required Fields

  • ContactID:  Unique ContactID, typically from the source Contact system but can be any UNIQUE value
  • CreateDateTime: Date & Time the contact was created in format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMAM/PM (Correct formatting example: "9/26/2016 20:15" or "9/26/2016 8:15PM"
    • You can use “NOW” for the current Date/Time
    • Date format is important.  Using a date and time like this "4-10-17 0:00" will not work. (You need to use / not -)
    • You are welcome to use the 24 hour formatting (20:15 for example) or 12 hour time formatting (8:15PM for example)
    • An example of a correctly formatted CREATEDATE field would be: "9/29/2016 8:15PM" (MM/DD/YY HH:MMAM/PM)
  • TimeZone: Timezone of Contact Date/Time (EST Timezone="UTC-5", CST Timezone="UTC-6", etc)  ** these values change based on Daylight Savings Time
    • This is the timezone the date is represented in, not the timezone of the contact.  If your CRM system shows orders in EST, then you would use UTC-5
    • these values change based on Daylight Savings Time  
  • Email: Email address of the Contact
  • ContactSystem:  a reference field of the source system that the Contact was pulled from.  This should be only ONE WORD and contain no spaces. For example "ConvertKit" or "PrivateSystem"

    Optional Fields

    • FirstName: First Name of Contact
    • LastName: Last Name of Contact
    • City: City of Contact
    • State:  State of Contact
    • Country:  Country of Contact
    • IP_Address: IP Address of Contact

    Important Information

    • If the email already exists In Wicked Reports, we will update the First Name and Last Name of the Contact
    • If using a system where you can specify the content type of the HTTP Post, the content type must be "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"

    Example HTML Web Forms for creating contacts using HTTP Post

    For the examples below, change /createcontact/WickedReports to /createcontact/<client name> where client name is the name found in the settings of your Wicked Account.

      Example with text for creating contacts using HTTP Post

      URL: https://api.wickedreports.com/createcontact/<Wicked Client Name>

      Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


      ContactSystem=TestSystem&ContactID=test-contact-id&Email=test@example.com&CreateDateTime=07/16/2020 20:05&TimeZone=UTC-8