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Creating Contacts With HTTP Post

How To Create Contacts

  • ContactID:  //REQUIRED Unique ContactID, typically from the source Contact system but can by any UNIQUE value
  • CreateDateTime: //REQUIRED Date & Time the contact was created in format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMAM/PM (Correct formatting example: "9/26/2016 20:15" or "9/26/2016 8:15PM"
    • You can use “NOW” for the current Date/Time
    • Date format is important.  Using a date and time like this "4-10-17 0:00" will not work. (You need to use / not -)
    • You are welcome to use the 24 hour formatting (20:15 for example) or 12 hour time formatting (8:15PM for example)
    • An example of a correctly formatted CREATEDATE field would be: "9/29/2016 8:15PM" (MM/DD/YY HH:MMAM/PM)
  • TimeZone: //REQUIRED Timezone of Contact Date/Time (EST Timezone="UTC-5", CST Timezone="UTC-6", etc)  ** these values change based on Daylight Savings Time
    • This is the timezone the date is represented in, not the timezone of the contact.  If your CRM system shows orders in EST, then you would use UTC-5
    • these values change based on Daylight Savings Time  
  • Email: //REQUIRED Email address of the Contact
  • FirstName: First Name of Contact
  • LastName: Last Name of Contact
  • State:  State of Contact
  • Country:  Country of Contact
  • ContactSystem: //REQUIRED a reference field of the source system that the Contact was pulled from.  This should be only ONE WORD and contain no spaces. For example "ConvertKit" or "PrivateSystem"

Important Information

  • If the email already exists In Wicked Reports, we will update the First Name and Last Name of the Contact

Sample HTML Web Form for Inserting Contacts using HTTP Post

Example of an HTTP Post to Create an Contact