How to run a Contact and Order UTM Search using the Customer LTV Report

When looking at your ROI Reports, you probably find yourself asking "What are the 25 sales attributed to these UTMs?"
For this question and many other great questions, we have added a Contact and Order UTM search feature to our Customer LTV Report.  Along with seeing Order and Contact data, you'll be able to see a customer's entire Click History. 
For a better idea of how and why you would use the Customer LTV Report, please watch this video.

Additionally, the question may arise where you want to see all Contact who ever clicked a specific Ad (or other UTM set) or any Order where a specific Ad might have been clicked anytime prior to the sale.  

That's what "Any Click" search is for.

An example scenario would be:

Facebook shows many more sales conversions that Wicked Reports.  You are confident that customers are clicking on a specific ad and want to know why Wicked Reports doesn't seem to be recording as many sales. 

Any Click search allows you to find all the orders where the customer clicked the specific Facebook Ad anytime prior to the sale and see that "yes, customers are clicking this ad, but it may not actually be what's leading to the sale".  It may help show that the click is important to the overall customer journey and is driving sales, but perhaps isn't the last click prior to the sale. 

This is common with companies with multi-channel marketing and ad platforms attempting to take credit for sales they shouldn't.




1. In the contacts click history, why is the contact's first opt-in showing up after the contact has been created?
This is expected behavior. The contact's click history includes a 15-second time window with key conversion points, such as first-opt-in, re-opt-in, and last click. This helps provide the system with enough time to account for latency.