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Does Wicked Reports Work with Teachable?

Teachable is a popular platform for delivering content to your customers.
A few Wicked Reports customers have tried to use Teachable along with Wicked Reports for processing orders inside Teachable.
In order for Teachable to work correctly with Wicked Reports, it needs to allow you to add custom tracking scripts / HTML to order/checkout pages.
If you're using Teachable to deliver content only, and NOT process orders, you don't need to read any further. The issues regarding Teachable & Wicked Reports only have to do with order processing done with Teachable.
At the time of writing (Late 2017) Teachable does NOT allow you to add your own custom HTML or tracking scripts on their order/checkout pages.
Because of this limitation, Wicked Reports cannot track sales that are made within the Teachable platform.
You have two possible solutions to get Teachable working for processing orders that Wicked Reports can recognize.
1. If possible, pass the email address of the customer who made the purchase in the URL to a custom thank you page. That custom thank you page should have the Wicked Reports tracking script on it.
2. Process orders outside of the Teachable platform, and then direct people to log into their Teachable account after they have successfully purchased using your own orders forms that have the Wicked Reports tracking script on them.
Of course, Teachable could update their software at any time to allow you to add custom tracking scripts to their order forms, so please check with them first if this is possible.