Encoding Ontraport Emails with UTMs


We will be encoding customer emails with UTMs so that we can properly track their email clicks as well as sales generated from those clicks.  This process entails opening the client’s Ontraport account, finding the Sequences they want us to encode and performing the work.   We will be going into each Email within the sequence and opening every link on the email to encode it.  If the URL in the email is not to a standard HTML page owned by the client (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, a PDF download, etc.), you will need to create a Wicked Redirect link.
For standard URLs, you will use the Link builder inside Wicked Reports to build the UTM Encoded links.
Three of the UTM values will be the same for all emails
Campaign will be the same for ALL emails in the campaign
You will remove any special characters and replace spaces or special characters with a Dash ( - ).  Use your judgment to keep the utm value readable and still have the same name
Campaign Name = 02.Sales - Post Live Demo and Webinar Campaign
Campaign Name = F4F - During - After Sale
utm_campaign=F4F-During-After Sale
Content will be different for Each email


You will remove any special characters and replace spaces or special characters with a Dash ( - ).  Use your judgment to keep the utm value readable and still have the same name.  You will prefix the value with which email this is in the automated cycle.  For example, you will use 01, 02, 03, 04….before the utm_content value.
If many emails in the campaign use the same name, you may also include the sequence name in the utm_content to additionally distinguish the emails
First Email Name = Stop Wasting Time on Marketing Metrics Email
Second Email Name = Make Your Clients Successful-- and Grow Your Business Email
utm_content=02-Make-Your-Clients Successful--and-Grow-Your-Business-Email


1. Log into appropriate Customer Ontraport account
2. Go to Contacts -> Sequences
3. Find the Sequence you are updating and click the link to open it
4. Once you’ve opened the Sequence, all of the emails will be inside. Noticed the Email Icon next to each email.
5. You will need to follow the sequence path to ensure that you encode them in the proper order (from top to bottom.  Remember we are using the email # in utm_content
6. Once inside the Sequence, find the first email that is sent and note the name of the email (i.e. save to a text document for reference).  Then click the “Edit” button.
7. Once you’ve opened this email, click edit again, shown below
8. Scroll through the email to find the FIRST link
  • Be sure to look at images as they may have a link as well
  • Once you find the area of the email that contains a link, hover over it and hit the “Edit” button.
9. Once you hit the “Edit” button, you can now edit the text fields, shown below.
  • Highlight the link, and hit the Link Icon at the top of the page
10. Here, you can edit the link URL
11. If the URL is not a standard URL that will go to a page the customer owns, you will create a Wicked Redirect Link instead of the Link Builder
12. Copy the URL
13. Open the Client’s Wicked Reports account and go to the Link Builder
14. Select Email Automated Sequence
  • Source, Medium and Term are auto-populated for you
15. Paste the URL into the Destination URL field
16. Copy the name of the Ontraport Sequence and paste it into the Sequence field
  • Spaces will be replaced when you paste in the Email name so if too many dashes are added, remove them
  • Remove special characters
17. Copy the name of the email and paste it into the Content field
  • Spaces will be replaced when you paste in the Email name so if too many dashes are added, remove them
  • Include the Email number at the beginning of the name
  • Remove special characters (apostrophes, commas, colons, etc.)
18. The Link field will now contain your complete UTM link, click Copy Link
19. Click Save UTM Values button
  • This will save the UTM values so they will show up in your auto-fill later
20. Paste the new URL in the URL field of the Email
21. Continue through the email to find more links
22. When you click on the link, it’s possible that the link goes to a different URL.  If the URL is different, copy the URL and paste it into the Link Builder Destination URL Field
23. Click the Copy Link button again and paste the new link back into the Ontraport URL Field
  • The UTMs will be exactly the same, but the URL may be different.
  • This will allow us to track all the clicks to the same email together in the reports, even though they may go to different URLs
24. After you have updated ALL links in the email, test the Email by Previewing it and clicking all the links to ensure they go to the correct pages and the links work.
25. Go back into the Sequence and find the next email and open it.  Return to step 6 and begin again
26. Once ALL Emails to be encoded, you are done
27. Send an email to the client letting them know how many emails have been encoded.  They can check out the sequence at their convenience.  In the email below, you will replace X with the number of emails encoded.
Hi ,
I finished encoding your email links with UTM's.
I completed a total of X emails. Please review the sequences at your convenience.
Please make sure you have the Wicked Tracking Code on all pages, sales pages, optin forms, landing pages, etc. You will want the Tracking code on any pages the emails are sending traffic to.
For all additional automated emails and all broadcast emails, please be sure to add UTM tracking, so you can get the highest quality tracking data.
Here is your URL Link Builder:  http://my.wickedreports.com/extras/linkbuilder
Here is your Redirect Link Builder:  https://my.wickedreports.com/redirect
Wicked Reports Support