Error In Wicked Reports FB Ad Tracking. Why can't I update my Facebook Ads?

If you're using the Wicked Reports Facebook Ad Tracking to try and update your ads, but you get an error, a few things could be the cause of that.
The most common reason for people not being able to update their Facebook Ads from Facebook Ad Tracking inside Wicked Reports is due to the fact that they do not have sufficient access on the account that's authorized with Wicked Reports.
To solve this problem, you need to get admin level access on the account that is Authorized with Wicked Reports. 
The error will read something like "Managing advertisements requires an access token with the extended permissions for ads_management".
Other common issues we've seen:
  • You have more than 20% text on your, or some other element in your ad has been disapproved. 
  • Your Ad account does not have  a proper connection to Instagram, but the ad is set to show on Instagram
The errors returned are provided directly from Facebook and should provide a sense of what the problem might be.
If you're trying to update a FB ad from within Facebook Ad Tracking, and you are getting a different error then the one shown above, you might want to go into the Ads Manager / Power Editor and see if you can make any changes to the ad.

Additionally, we've found a few forum posts within Facebook's support system that have been helpful to some users.
You can find those resources here: 
One possible reason why you cannot update your Facebook Ads from within Facebook Ad Tracking is that you are not Admin on the Business Manager page:

To create ads for a Page, you will need permissions to the Business Manager account. You can find instructions for assigning roles in Business Manager in the Facebook Help Center: