Facebook Ad Tracking Using AdEspresso

      Facebook Advertising is a primary way that many companies advertise online. Facebook Ad Manager and Facebook Power Editor are great tools, but have a number of limitations.
      Because of this, many marketers turn to 3rd party tools to manage their Facebook Ads.  One of these tools is AdEspresso.
      AdEspresso is a sophisticated tool and if you use it, it's important to know how you can still set up your Facebook Ads so that they track in Wicked Reports.  
      Luckily, AdEspresso allows for a Template that will add UTMs to all of the Ads created.  You will not be able access the Ad ID inside of AdEspresso, but you can set up the UTMs so that they would work the same way the WickedID would have.
      You will set up you Ads for tracking when you are in the Ad Design section of a new Campaign

wicked reports ad espresso When you get down to Goal Tracking, you will select "Add extra options to your URL"

wicked reports ad espresso
      The Url Parameters field will need to be built for tracking and you will enter a string that looks like this:
        **The only value you will need to change is 
        This will be whatever you are naming the Campaign you are creating.  My example is "andy-test-campaign".  You will use a campaign name that makes sense for you and we recommend not using spaces or any special characters, other than underscore ( _ )and dash ( - ) if you can avoid it.
      The settings are:

utm_source = "facebook"
utm_medium = "ppc"
utm_campaign ** use the name of the Facebook Ad Campaign in this field, it is NOT a dynamic value (i.e. how-to-track-sales)
utm_content = "{ad_name} ** you can select this from the "Insert Placeholder" button  
utm_term = {adset_name} ** you can select this from the "Insert Placeholder" button   

These settings will provide the same results as if you were using WickedID in the Ads.