First Click ROI

The First Click attribution model tells you what first interests cold traffic to click on your ads and become high value customers over time.

First click attribution exists to tell you what first interests cold traffic to click on your ads.   It then attributes all future lifetime revenue back to that first click. It answers such questions as “what campaigns that generate initial click interest lead to future customers at a profitable ROI?”

First Click attribution is perfect for top of the funnel brand awareness & content campaigns. 



Think about all the campaigns you have running on all the channels.   You likely have 3-10 different marketing channels with multiple campaigns, targeting, ads, and landing page offers.  Wicked Reports looks at all of them. 

Let's take this sample illustration of a rather simple marketing campaign (that is already complex to model for you in a slide!):


The First Click attribution model looks across inbound marketing activity from a contact.  The first click detected is forever held as the “first click” for this attribution model.


First Click is a 100% revenue credit model.  This means we attribute all future revenue back to this first tracked click.  Only 1 click receives credit for each sale.

This includes subscription rebills, sales done on the phone, additional future one-time purchases, orders you take offline and import to Wicked, as long as they are sent to us somehow, we attribute them for you automatically back to this click.


Depending on your customer buying cycle (which Wicked Reports can also tell you under your Predictive Behaviors reports) and your marketing strategies, first clicks can take time to show revenue.  The average time from 1st click to 1st purchase across all Wicked Reports' advertisers is 44 days.

When this delayed purchase behavior occurs, the ROI and LTV of your first clicks automatically increase.


To learn about the other attribution models, follow this link: Determining the Correct Attribution Model.