Getting Started With the ROI Reports (Archived Version)

NOTE: This article has been replaced by our updated document, Getting Started With the ROI Reports.
Collecting data is the perfect start to becoming a ninja marketer.  The next obvious question is, what does all the data mean?  Not only can I use it to make some marketing decisions to grow my business?
This video is the next step for those of you who have completed your setup of Wicked Reports and now need to know what kind of information you can get out of it.
I encourage you to watch this video where we show you how to begin maneuvering your way through Wicked Reports and understanding what the ROI Reports are telling you.  This is your next step and I invite you to watch and continue your journey through Wicked Reports. 
To get the most out of Wicked Reports, you should consider learning as much as you can about the Attribution Models we use.