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How Are Sales and Leads Tracked and Attributed?

Tracking and attribution can all be boiled down to one simple concept.

Wicked Reports needs always and only three specific data points to provide attribution:

  • A UTM set
  • A Contact or Lead in your authorized CRM
  • A Sale in your authorized order source

Each needs to have an associated date/time stamp and an email address.

With these three data points we apply our attribution rules along with your specific account settings - such as attribution window for First Optin and Last Click - to calculate attribution.

We are typically connected directly to your Facebook and Google ad accounts, but we do not pull attribution or traffic information from those sources. We are only pulling costs - again associated with each UTM set for a specific time period - for the purpose of ROI calculation.

If you have further questions about tracking and attribution, please email support@wickedreports.com for futher assistance.