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How do I Track Webinar Optins?

Many companies have incorporated webinars into their marketing strategy.  If your company is running webinars, you will likely want to know that getting leads to optin to your webinars is leading to paying customers.
It's important to know that the ability to track webinars currently relies heavily on the webinar platform you are using.

GoToWebinar (http://www.gotowebinar.com):


Most companies we work with that use GoToWebinar are using LeadPages, ClickFunnels or Unbounce for their webinar optin pages. If this is what you are doing, adding Wicked Report Tracking to the Registration Page will allow for proper tracking.
You will NOT be able to track optins if you are using a standard GoToWebinar hosted registration page.  You will not able to add the Wicked Reports tracking script to that registration page.

Note: If you are using LeadPages and a LeadBox, you will want to ensure that you have added the Tracking Script to the LeadBox (pop up optin form) as well as the LeadPage itself.

StealthSeminar (http://www.stealthseminar.com):

We have a number of clients that use StealthSeminar and their support team seems very helpful. We have been told that their support team will add your Wicked Reports tracking script to the registration pages for you. They also informed us that they are adding the functionality to add the tracking script to your registration pages yourself. We don’t know when this will be available, so it’s worth checking to see if they’ve added this.

WebinarJam/EverWebinar (http://www.webinarjam.com/welcome):


To track webinar registrations using WebinarJam/Everwebinar, there are a few easy steps to follow.  Please read this help on how to Add Wicked Tracking to WebinarJam/EverWebinar.
If you are using any other Webinar Platform or have questions about setting up tracking for your webinars, you are welcome to contact support@WickedReports.com.