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How does Wicked Reports handle subscriptions?

Wicked Reports is able to report subscription revenue, and distinguish between initial orders and subsequent rebills if certain conditions are met.

It is very important that your order system provides a unique Subscription ID string as part of the order information that is submitted each day. The Subscription ID must be provided with the initial sale as well as all subsequent rebills, and it must be the same unique subscription ID with every order that is apart of the subscription string.

If your order source cannot provide the unique Subscription ID from the very first order onward, Wicked Reports will not be able to distinguish between one-time vs. subscription payments. 

As a result, you risk having improper attribution. One of the following is a likely outcome:

  • Incorrect Last Click Attribution: Campaigns that do not deserve Last Click credit for recurring payments will receive Last Click attribution
  • An increase in Unattributed Orders: Caused by recurring payments that do not have a Last Click within your defined Last Click attribution window

Subscriptions that are properly classified as subscriptions in Wicked Reports will appear like this on the Contact's profile, found in the Customer LTV Report:

How does Wicked Reports handle subscriptions

Subscription Terminology

New Subscription

A New subscription order.  This is the first subscription payment in a series of subscription payments).  Any subscription can have only ONE New Subscription.  

  • Last click attribution will only consider the initial purchase (A new subscription)

Recurring Subscription

Any order in a subscription series, after the first order.  The First order in a subscription cannot be a Recurring Subscription.  There can be as many recurring subscription orders as needed.


Subscription Revenue

Any Revenue generated by a sale which is determined to be a subscription sale.  New Subscription and Recurring Subscriptions are both considered Subscription Revenue


Non-Subscription Revenue

Any Revenue generated by a sale which is determined to NOT be a subscription sale.  These are One-Time orders where a Subscription ID is  not found


The ROI Reports can be run to show all sales with or without including recurring subscription revenue.  You may want to do this to ensure your data only represents sales and revenue from NEW sales only.

When you are ready to analyze your data to include ALL revenue, including recurring(to get true LTV),  you can set "INCLUDE RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION REVENUE" to Yes