Add Wicked Tracking To Keap Referral Tracking Links

When you add tracking information to your Keap referral redirect links, it allows you to assess how your affiliates are performing compared to your emails, Facebook, AdWords, and all other sources.

By adding tracking, you can use the ROI Report to see affiliate results inside of Wicked Reports.

To add tracking to your Keap referral tracking links, follow these steps:

  1. Click on CRM from the main Keap navigation.
  2. Mouse over Referral Partners, and choose Referral Tracking Links.
  3. Click on a link to edit on the link.
  4. Edit the website address field by adding this to the end of the link:
  1. You can save now, or you can edit some of the above for even more intel.
    1. You can modify the utm_term from "affiliate-email-list" to the name of the affiliate sending the email. If Wicked Report's was sending an affiliate email for you, you could update this field with "Wicked-Reports-email-list".
    2. You can modify the utm_content to indicate what the email is about. This will allow you to see how that email does for all your different affiliates.
    3. I would leave the utm_source untouched, so you can see affiliate traffic performance as a whole.
  2. Save