How to Track StealthSeminar for Lead Attribution

The quick steps to having Wicked Reports track your StealthSeminar registrants as optins.

In order to attribute the leads you capture with StealthSeminar back to your adss, you will need to contact StealthSeminar support. Follow this link to their contact page: StealthSeminar Support

In the support request, it's important to include your Wicked Tracking Code. Your Wicked Tracking Code can be found inside of your Wicked Reports account under Setup > Tracking Code.

Your support request to StealthSeminar should look something like this:

We would like assistance setting up optin tracking for our Wicked Reports account.
1. Can you place this tracking code on the Thank You Page? Our tracking code is
2. Also, can you follow these instructions from your team to have the email address passed to the Thank You Page?