How to use the FunnelVision Report

This document is for Media Buyers, Brand Marketing Directors and Brand Owners optimizing ad spend using the FunnelVision Report.

What Is FunnelVision

FunnelVision is a revolutionary and flexible report to help users see how their marketing is performing across their entire funnel.  FunnelVision offer multiple ways of viewing your attribution data.

Order Date mode offers a view of the data which first finds all the sales in a given date range and then all clicks from across the entire customer journey which got the customer to the point of purchase.  Those clicks allow credit to be divided up amongst all relevant clicks from the Top of Funnel (TOF), Middle of Funnel (MOF) and Bottom of Funnel (BOF).  All those important clicks that would have gotten lost in the attribution black hole are now able to show value to ad buyers.

Click Date mode offers a view of the data which finds all the clicks in a given date range and then all the sales which occured because of those clicks.  Not only will you see the sales and revenue generated from those clicks during the selected date range, but any additional sales and revenue which came up to 90 days into the future, from them. 

Why You Need This

To do proper analysis in current marketing attribution solutions, you need to understand and select the attribution model relevant to your campaign intent.  Often you need to do analysis in more than one attribution model and piece-meal the data together.  We've simplified marketing attribution into one report so you never need to worry about attribution models again.

FunnelVision offers incredibly flexible and robust attribution reporting so you can view the data in the way you prefer.

How To Use The FunnelVision Report

How you use FunnelVision depends deeply on how you want to view your attribution data.

FunnelVision Offers two very distinct modes.  You can use Order Date mode and Click Date mode.


Report Mode

FunnelVision offers two modes

Click Date

When selecting a specific date or range for analysis. The core function in this context is to pinpoint the clicks that took place during your chosen Date Range and associate them with the subsequent sales.

These sales are categorized in two distinct ways. If a sale transpired within the selected date range, it's labeled as a "Date Range" sale. On the other hand, sales that materialized up to 90 days after the chosen date range, they are classified as "Future Sales."

Moreover, the software allows users to customize their click preferences for more tailored reporting. Users can opt to base their reports on either only the last clicks prior to a sale, only the first clicks of a customer, or any click that occurred during the specified Date Range.

This feature is particularly useful for detailed analysis, especially for accounting. For instance, users can ask a question like: "In March, I invested in $5,000 worth of clicks. How much revenue was generated from those specific clicks during March?" or "Following March, how much revenue was produced from that initial $5,000 click investment?"

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Order Date (Google Ads calls this By Conv. time)

The core function in this context is to pinpoint all the sales that took place during your chosen Date Range and associate them with the clicks that occured at any point in the customer journey. Note that in platforms like Google Ads, this is referenced as "by conv. time". This allows you to better understand which part of your Funnel (Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel, and Bottom of Funnel) are driving the sales for your business along with how those parts of your funnel tie together to grow your business.  

This feature is particularly useful for detail full funnel customer journey analysis of your marketing efforts.  For instance, you can ask questions like: "In March, I had 500 sales, where did those sales come from?" or "I want to know which Top of Funnel campaigns had a hand in driving the sales I got this month"

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