How to Use Views

This document is for Media Buyers, Brand Marketing Directors ad Brand Owners who want to save time on data analysis using Views

What are Views

A View allows you to save a specific combination of Filters, Attribution Settings, and Columns for analyzing your data. By creating Views, you can easily switch between different sets of data with one click.

Views provide a convenient way to organize and analyze your data, enabling you to compare and contrast different aspects of your marketing efforts. Whether you're examining the performance of specific campaigns, tracking customer behavior across multiple channels, or conducting in-depth analysis, Views help streamline your analysis process.

By leveraging the power of Views, you can gain a deeper understanding of your marketing performance and make data-driven decisions with ease.


Why You Need This

Analyzing data from different channels with different metrics and criteria can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Constantly changing filters and settings for each type of analysis can be a hassle.

However, with Views, you can easily switch between different data sets and streamline your analysis. By setting up complex filters, you have the ability to create views that specifically target the campaigns or ad sets you want to increase or decrease spending on.

No more need to dig deep into the data to find valuable insights. Views can quickly identify the top and bottom performers, making optimization a breeze.

Creating Views

Views can created multiple ways.

  • Create a View from your current Filters or Attribution Settings

Once you've set up your filters the way you like them and selected the proper Attribution settings and columns to meet your needs, you can easily create a new View from the Filters or Attribution Settings.

  • Create a custom View from the Views Expander

The Views Expander allows you to create a custom View at any time.

  • Create a View from one of our View Templates

Wicked Reports has provided a robust set of pre-defined Views that we believe will help make your data analysis simple and clean. 

Navigate around and filter for the View templates that best meet your needs and start from a template we've carefully put together for you.

Once you've begun the creation process, simply give your View a name and a description.  You can then make any additional edits to customize your new View to perfectly meet your needs. 

Update the ROAS metric or the nCAC metrics based on your business.

View Templates

Wicked Reports has carefully curated a set of Views for practically all your needs.  The Left Navigation of the Views expander allows you to switch between your analysis goals.  You can also filter by channels and terms to find the View template that best fits your business needs.

Pin and Organize Views For Quick Access

Once you have created one or more views, you can Pin as many as you like to the header bar.  You can also drag and drop Views across the top and arrange them in the most convenient way.

At anytime, you can Pin and Unpin any View.  These Pinned Views are specific to each user.  You may have different Pinned Views than your co-workers.