My Campaigns/Ads Are Not Displaying Inside The Wicked Reports Facebook Ad Tracking?

If you are positive that you've created a new set of Facebook Ads and still do not see them inside the Facebook Ads Validator inside Wicked Reports, it could be caused by a few problems.
1. Make sure the Facebook account authorized inside Wicked Reports is the one you're running ads from.
2. Make sure your Facebook Ads are "Approved". Wicked Reports will not pull in Facebook Ads that are not marked as Approved. After they are approved, you can hit the "Get Live FB Ads Button" from within the Facebook Ads Validator, and they should display for you without a problem.
3. The Campaign drop-down list will only show "Active" campaigns that have not yet completed.  
Another common issue with not being able to update your Facebook Ads from within Wicked Reports is due to a permissions issue.