What is Pre-Wicked revenue?

Pre-Wicked revenue is a revenue classification so that you can reconcile your revenue against your order systems.

When a report time period contains a period of time before Wicked Reports attribution was setup, we cannot identify the source of that revenue.  However, we still want you to be able to account for all your orders in a given time period.

To solve this, we designate this revenue as "Pre-Wicked Revenue".  This allows you to focus on what we have attributed, while also resting easy that we have accounted for all the orders of a time period, even if they should not be attributed due to the attribution model you have selected.


When you first start using Wicked Reports, you likely have 10,000-100,000 leads already in your database.   One of our most popular attribution models is New Lead ROI / First Optin.  It looks at all marketing activities that generate new leads, and gives 100% of the revenue credit to the new lead generation touch point.

When those pre-wicked reports leads are buying, and you are looking at the New Lead ROI / First Optin model, we want to properly exclude that revenue from attribution - because you generated the lead before we could track it.  However, in order to reconcile your revenue for the time period, we want to bucket the revenue somewhere, so that you can see that we have all your order data accounted for.

Here is an example:

Prior to your Wicked Reports setup, I joined your email list using scott@wickedreports.com.  You have no idea how I became a lead, because you didn't have Wicked Reports yet!

After your Wicked Reports is setup, I make a $100 purchase.

When you run the New Lead ROI / First Optin ROI report, there is no attribution for how I joined your list. 

However, we do know that a $100  purchase occurred and want you to be able to reconile your order data ( no phantom pixel conversions allowed!).  So we bucket this $100 as "Pre-Wicked Revenue" in your ROI report summary section.


How do I see which specific orders have been designated "Pre-Wicked revenue"?  

To transparently see the orders and revenue that have been classified as "Pre-Wicked", go to the Customer LTV report.  Select the "first optin" model and "pre-wicked" as the source string and click search for any time period.

What if I have CRM tags, custom fields, or a home-grown tracking system that has identified the lead source or other tracking information for Pre-Wicked orders?

Click here to learn how to import historical custom tracking data at any time