ReEngaged Lead ReOptin ROI

The ReEngaged Lead ReOptin attribution model tells you the reengaged leads that reoptin from marketing and become high value customers over time.

The ReOptin attribution model looks at the behavior of your existing email leads in response to marketing both paid and unpaid.

We look to see if these existing leads are resubmitting their email address, called a reoptin, and if that reoptin moment leads eventually to future sales and revenue.

This conversion detection is automatic with Wicked Reports 1st party CRM integrations.

Reoptins can come from abandoned carts, scheduling an appointment, opting in for a webinar, form submission to download a pdf, basically any webpage that captures an email address for some reason, we can track if that reoptin leads to revenue.


Think about all the campaigns you have running on all the channels.   You likely have 3-10 different marketing channels with multiple campaigns, targeting, ads, and landing page offers.  Wicked Reports looks at all of them. 

Let's take this sample illustration of a rather simple marketing campaign (that is already complex to model for you in a slide!):


Re optin’s conversion point is the click that created an email submission from an existing lead in your CRM.  An existing lead might reoptin numerous times over the lifetime of their relationship with your brand.


ReOptin gives 100% revenue credit after the timestamp of the Reoptin conversion point until another ReOptin occurs.  This means that only 1 click receives credit for each sale.


Depending on your marketing strategies, Re Optin attribution could be a very important attribution model or should be ignored.  It is often the attribution model with the lowest attribution coverage because it is reliant on the specific marketing action of "existing email lead re-opting in for additional marketing or communications".


To learn about the other attribution models, follow this link: Determining the Correct Attribution Model.