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Required Settings For InfusedWoo (Infusionsoft and WooCommerce Integration)

The key to getting useful data out of Wicked Reports is getting good data into your CRM systems.
Many people utilize a diverse set of technologies to run their business and a popular combination is Infusionsoft and WooCommerce.  To connect these tools, you may be using a tool called InfusedWoo.
 Required Settings For InfusedWoo
You must set your WordPress timezone setting to EST (Eastern Standard Time). This way, InfusedWoo will pass the orders into Infusionsoft using the same timezone the Infusionsoft is expecting them.
Here's why...
If you use InfusedWoo to pass WooCommerce order data into Infusionsoft, InfusedWoo creates orders in Infusionsoft based on the  Time Zone Setting you have on your WordPress site.  If your WordPress timezone setting is PST, then InfusedWoo creates orders in Infusionsoft using PST (Pacific Standard Time).  The challenge we run into is that Infusionsoft only accepts order data in EST (Eastern Standard Time).  So, if an order is placed at 12:00 pm (PST), this gets created in Infusionsoft as 12:00 pm.  Unfortunately, because Infusionsoft does not allow you to send in a timezone, it interprets this as 12:00 EST.  This means that the order looks like it occurred 3 hours after it actually did, and if your customers were clicking an ad or an email prior to making a purchase, Wicked Reports is not able to attribute the sale back to that click.