Stay Away From Keap Campaign Links

While "Campaign Links" inside Keap might be convenient to use, they should not be used with Wicked Reports.
To ensure proper email tracking, you'll want to use the full URL with unique UTM parameters in each of your email links. Let's take a look at an example of how to use links properly inside Keap Campaigns. The same logic also applies to Broadcast emails.
Let's say I have a campaign where I'm getting people to purchase a product. 
The URL I want people to click in order to purchase is
I have three automated emails that I'm going to be sending to my list, each one will be promoting the same product and URL. In order for Wicked Reports to track all of these emails properly, I'll need to setup my links inside Keap as follows:
Email 1 Link Example: 
Let's deconstruct this link to understand why it's important to use it with Wicked Reports.
utm_source=automated-email - It's recommended to use "automated-email" in the utm_source of the link if you're sending automated emails to your list. If you're doing a broadcast email, simply use "broadcast-email" as the utm_source.

 - The utm_campaign parameter makes it easy for you to identify the campaign when looking at your email ROI in Wicked Reports. 
utm_medium=email - Very important to use just "email" in the utm_medium parameter. Wicked Reports looks at the utm_medium for "email" and pulls it into the email ROI report for you. If you'd like to differentiate between automated emails and broadcasts, please use utm_source.
utm_content=01-Discount-Promotion - Because we know this campaign is an automated email campaign, we recommend using "01" "02" "03" etc when naming your emails. This will make it very easy for you to know which email is which when sorting your data in Wicked Reports. You can easily see how many people are clicking and buying via emails 1, 2, 3 etc. We also recommend you write a short description of the email after the number. In the above example, we are offering a discount. So we named this email "utm_content=01-Discount-Promotion" because we know it's the first email in the sequence and it's offering a discount. 
utm_term=existing-list - The utm_term is also another important parameter that can give you valuable data inside Wicked Reports. We recommend using the utm_term to identify WHO you are sending this email to. In our case, we are placing our exiting list into this automated email marketing campaign. That is why we chose "utm_term=existing-list". Other examples of audiences might be "New Leads" or "Contacts Who Haven't Purchased in 30 Days". Make sure you specify who you're sending this email to in the utm_term to get the most valuable data inside Wicked Reports.
The same logic should be applied to all of your remaining links.
For example, Email #2 might look like this: 
As you can see, we only needed to change the utm_content for Email #2 to "utm_content=02-Social-Proof"
For the most valuable email marketing data inside Wicked Reports, please use URLs with full UTM parameters, not Keap Campaign Links.