Tracking Facebook Ads to ManyChat Bots that capture email addresses

Looking to capture email addresses in the bot?

  1. Create your ad and grab the ad id.  You can either copy it from the edit window like I did above, or copy it from the ad id column (you have to add this column to your view)

  2. Create a flow for the specific ad id.

  3. Within that flow, setup a user input field to capture the email address and send it via Zapier

  4. Zap it over to Wicked Reports


OR instead of zap, push to your CRM and tag  (don’t have this documented yet)

  1. Add a CRM segmentation tag for each Bot ad id.

  2. Trigger automation in your CRM when the CRM tag gets applied when the lead gets created in your CRM, send us a HTTP post, or Zapier, configured like this:

  3. Test it out