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Tracking Phone Calls with CallRail

CallRail allows you to track UTMs for ads driving prospects to phone calls. UTM sets can be mapped to specific phone numbers, which can then be linked to contacts in your CRM.

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Our all CallRail integration works by pulling phone numbers and UTM data directly from your CallRail integration.

When a contact is added to your CRM with an email and a matching phone number, we will link the email address together with the call information from CallRail for that contact's contact record. With that information, we can provide attribution to the UTM set as with any ad click we detect via other means - such as our tracking widget, API, HTTP Post, Zapier, or CSV upload of click data.

To match the contact between systems, please ensure the phone number and format between your CRM and CallRail are aligned.

  1. Does Wicked Reports pull in all historical CallRail data?
  2. What data are you pulling from CallRail?
    The only data we are pulling from CallRail is the phone numbers and associated UTMS
  3. Is an email address required for the CallRail Integration to work?
    Yes. CallRail itself only needs the UTMS and phone number (meaning no email address required) but your connected CRM does need to have a matching phone number and an email address associated with said phone number.
  4. Why isn't my CallRail call showing up in Wicked Reports?
    The most common reason that a CallRail call will not show up is that we were unable to find a matching phone number (and associated email address) between your CailRail and CRM. If you have an example of a contact that matches this criterion, yet it's still not showing up, then send your contact to support@wickedreports.com and we can investigate your integration.
  5. Where can I see my CallRail data in Wicked Reports?
    Your CallRail calls can be seen within the LTV report by selecting a specific user's click history. Otherwise, you can see these calls being attributed as news leads and re-engaged leads within your reports.