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Tracking Validation

Why this report is important?

This report identifies all urls and UTMs tracked by Wicked Reports over the past 30 days and allows you to revalidate clicks and optins for your URL's.

What do you use this report to figure out?

You can use this report to see if the URLs you want to track are setup properly.

What is in this report?

This report contains URLs and UTMs for the URLs that are tracked by Wicked Reports. You are also able to revalidate clicks and Optins for your URLs along with skipping a URL if you know it's setup properly.

How is this report created?

This report looks at all URLs you have tracked in your system over the past 30 days and determines if a click has occurred within the past 7 days and if not, has a clicked been tracked at all.

What questions does this report answer?

  • Which URL's are being tracked by Wicked Reports over the past 30 days?
  • Are there any tracking errors for my URLs which may impact my clicks and optins?

How do I use this report?

  1. Once page is loaded, review your URLs and determine which URLs you'd like to validate clicks and/or optins.Screen_Shot_2019-09-24_at_2.35.49_PM.png
  2. If you have a lot of URLs, you can filter by UTM source as well as do a fast search.
  3. If you find a URL you'd like to revalidate the click or optin, click on the appropriate button and follow the instructions to revalidate. Once you are done, close the window and you will be taken back to the report.
  4. If you have know your URL is tracking properly and would like to not show it again in the report, you can click on the SKIP button to place it under the SKIP menu.
  5. If you would like to validate a URL that is not in the list, you can click on Manually Validate URL in the top right corner. This will allow you to enter a URL and validate a click or Optin. This is useful if you are looking at a new page pre-launch or making sure one of your landing pages is tracking correctly.