Tracking with ReBrandly links

How to use ReBrandly link redirects and forward UTM parameters

When choosing a link shortening software, it is critical you choose a software that passes UTMs to the final/redirect URL, otherwise your UTMs will strip and you will not be able to track your marketing.

Luckily, ReBrandly passes UTMs to the final/redirect URL automatically so you will be able to track your marketing!

In this document, we quickly show you how to create a ReBrandly link:

1. Create Account

     Go to the ReBrandly website and sign up for a free account.

2. Create Link

  1. Under the Links section, click on the "New Link" button.
  2. Type your destination URL in the pop-up
  3. Add standard UTMs to your destination link if desired/necessary by clicking on the "UTM" button.

    IMPORTANT: This step IS NOT necessary if there is auto-tagging that will append UTMs to your ReBrandly link (example: Facebook Ads auto-tagging or Google Ads tracking template). Any UTM parameters appended to your ReBrandly link will be forwarded to your destination link.

  4. Create your link!