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Troubleshooting 101

At it's most basic Wicked Reports needs 3 things to provide attribution reporting - a tracked click, a contact record, and an order record. All three must have a date/time stamp and an email address that will tie them together.
Beyond that, there are a few things to keep in mind when we evaluate the correctness of Wicked Reports attribution and reporting data. You can refer to this article on the accuracy of Wicked Reports for additional information.
With that in mind, if you believe there is a problem with your Wicked Reports data, you can use this guide to track down the issue.
Our goal is to answer three questions.
  1. Are we getting data?
  2. Are we getting all the data?
  3. Are we processing the data correctly?
If the answers to these three questions are all "yes", then it's a training and education issue. If the answer is "no", then it's either a setup or configuration issue or a bug.
Here's a troubleshooting checklist to determine the answers to these three questions.
    1. Verify Revenue and Leads using Mission Control compared to order/lead source.
    2. Verify Authorizations
      1. Google Analytics is Authorized
      2. At least one Order Source is Authorized
      3. At least one Contact Source is Authorized
    3. Verify Function of Authorizations
      1. Click Tracking
          1. Was UTMs setup?
          2. Are we receiving email clicks?
          3. Any red flags in email clicks?
          1. Are Offline Conversions authorized?
            1. Are we getting data as expected?
          2. Is Auto-Update on?
          3. Are there any errors?
          4. Are there any Validator errors?
          5. Are we getting FB data as expected?Ad Tracking
          1. Is the tracking template setup?
            1. Is the tracking template set up at the account level without override at the lower levels? - Tracking templates can be applied at the Account, Campaign, Ad Group, or Ad level. The lowest level template will be used. Wicked Reports clients should use only the Account Level Tracking Template. Custom parameters can be used if necessary to send additional URL parameters. (Source)
            2. To confirm tracking, here's a walk-through using our account - https://www.useloom.com/share/96f8d38cc37f475ca18100b2628a4bd6
          2. Are we getting Adwords data as expected?
            1. Is Facebook Authorized?
            2. Is Adwords Authorized?
          3. Landing Page Tracking
              1. Are we receiving any landing page data?
              2. Are there any indicators that landing pages may not have tracking?