Update a Facebook Ad without Losing Social Proof

If you have ads with significant social proof (likes, shares, comments . . .) and do not want to risk losing them, do not turn on the Facebook Auto-Updater.

On the Facebook Authorization screen, select NOT to use Auto-Tracking


And skip the Optional Power Up for Facebook Ad Tracking


You can instead make note of the techniques described in this article.

Updating Facebook Ads Manually

Most Facebook Ads can be updated without risk of losing Social proof, but in some cases, we have seen social proof be erased as a result of updating the URL Parameters of an ad.
The most common scenario is when the ad is a Post Ad using content that is NOT a published post.
To identify such a case, you'll be looking for the Use Existing Post option to be available, but not selected, for the ad - such as shown here.

We recommend TESTING this procedure by duplicating the ads (with social proof) and confirming for yourself that the update will work as expected. You should not update live ads until you are confident that applying Wicked tracking parameters will not affect your ad unexpectedly. These are your ads and the risk and responsibility are yours.

Once you've duplicated the ad and can see that Social Proof has been retained, you can test whether the tracking update will affect your ad by adding the URL Parameters to the duplicate ad. If social proof will be lost, you should see it in the preview immediately.


The required URL Parameters string for Wicked Reports tracking is: WickedSource=Facebook&WickedID={{ad.id}} 


If Social Proof is lost when you attempt to update the ad, discard the draft and follow these steps to update the ad.

1. Edit the ad and confirm that you can see the Social Proof.
2. Click the Preview button and select to see the Facebook Post with Comments
Note: If you do not see these options, confirm that the post has been published.
3. At the top of the editor, click Use Existing Post and confirm that Social Proof is retained.
4. Add the URL Parameters and confirm that Social Proof is retained.
5. Publish the ad.
Once you are comfortable with this process and confident in the outcome, keeping in mind that there may still be risks, you can attempt to update your live ads.

DO NOT PUBLISH THE AD if during the update you see that Social Proof is removed in the preview window.

    Once you have updated the ads most at risk for losing Social Proof and are satisfied that the risk is minimal for remaining ads, you can turn on the Facebook Auto-Tracker, which will then attempt to update all remaining un-tracked ads and new ads as they are created.

    If, by accident, you have updated your ad and lost your social proof, please email support@wickedreports.com with the ad ids that lost social proof. We have methods to help restore it.

    As always, please email  support@wickedreports.com with any questions or comments.