Using Google Data Studio with Wicked Reports Channel Level Data

Learn how to hook up Google Data Studio to your Wicked Reports Channel level data

Wicked Reports now has a Google Data Studio connector which can be used to pull your Channel level data, similar to the Mission Control Channel report.


Currently, this feature is beta and you must request access.  Wicked Reports will need the email address to provide access to.  This is the email address you would use for Google Data Studio

Once your connector has been set up, you'll be able to slice and dice this data however you like within whatever date ranges you prefer.

How To Set It Up

1. After Wicked Reports has provided access for your Google Account, go to and click on "Create" -> "Data Source" 


2. Scroll down until you reach "Partner Connectors" and choose "Build Your Own"


3. In the "Test and add your community connector" you will paste this "Deployment ID" and click "Validate". 


After clicking Validate, you will see the Wicked Reports connector

This step is necessary as this is a Beta connector.  Once live and approved by Google, this step won't be necessary.


4. After selecting the Wicked Reports, you will be asked for authorization to connect to data.  To do this, you will need your Wicked Reports API KEY


Note: When authorizing, you may find you have to go through the process once or twice.  This seems to be an issue with Google Data Studio

To Get the API KEY, go to Authorizations in your Wicked Reports account and if you haven't already, enable "Contacts API"


Once enabled, you can copy the API Key and paste it when prompted

5. After authorization, you'll be asked to select the attribution model you would like to use for your data and if you want to use "Net" or "Gross" values.

The connector will use "Gross" values by default if you don't select "Calculate net values."

Then click the "Connect" Button at the Top Right


Note: The Mission Control screen uses the Linear Attribution Model  



6. You'll see all the fields and their data types provided by the data connector.  Now you can click the "Create Report" at the top right


7. Once your report is created, you can play around all you like with the data and how you want to visualize and filter it.