Using Looker Studio with Wicked Reports FunnelVision View Data

Learn how to hook up Looker Studio to your Wicked Reports FunnelVision View data

Introduction to Looker Studio Integration

Wicked Reports has a Looker Studio connector which can be used to pull Grid and Summary Level data from any View built within FunnelVision. Once your connector has been set up, you'll be able to slice and dice this data however you like within whatever date ranges you prefer.

How To Set Up the Looker Studio Integration

  1. Within Wicked Reports, create a view in Funnelvision
  2. Within Wicked Reports, go to your Authorizations page.
  3. Enable the API for Contacts and Orders
  4. Now, go to this URL and set up your connector.
    Note: Be sure to use the email address that is associated with the Wicked Reports accounts you are generating reports for.

    Note: Within Looker Studio, if you've already set up your connector, then you can find it available under Google Connectors.
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  5. After authorization, you'll be asked to select the account you would like to use for your data
  6. Next you will be provided a list of FunnelVision Views from the selected account. Choose your view and press Next.
  7. Now, decide if you want the View's Grid data or the View's Summary Data then press Connect.
    1. If you want Grid data for this data source, then leave the box unchecked. 
    2. If you want Summary data, then check the box. 
  8. Once you click the CONNECT button at the top right, you will be shown all the available columns for the data source.
    1. If you have selected to get the grid data, then you will receive all the columns from the grid, but only the visible columns in the View will have data available
    2. If you have select to get the summary data, then you will receive all the summary metrics and values available
  9. Now, You'll see all the fields and their data types provided by the data connector.  Simply click the "Create Report" at the top right to get started with your custom report.create-report
  10. That's it! You've completed your connection.


  1. Can I connect more than one Wicked Reports account to my report?
    Yes!  You can create as many data sources as you like.  Those data sources can be from as many accounts as you choose.  All the matters is the email address you use, must have access to those Wicked Reports accounts.
  2. How come the Connector Fails when I attempt to select my Wicked Reports account
    For the Looker Studio connector to work, you must first Enable the API for the account.  Go to the Authorizations screen, Enable the API for Contacts and Orders and try again.
  3. Why do you offer Grid and Summary?
    When utilizing Full Impact or Full Funnel Attribution in FunnelVision reporting, data deduplication is performed in the summary section of the report. This means that simply summarizing the Grid data will not provide the same summarized data points. To accurately replicate the data shown in FunnelVision with Full Impact or Full Funnel, it is recommended to create two separate data sources - one for the summary data and another for the grid data.
  4. My does my report fail to load or timesout?
    1. Looker studio has a limitation where the datasource cannot run for more than 6 minutes.  Since your data source is based on a View, the data source is attempting to pull in the same data.  If you have a large amount of data or have selected a very long date range, it's possible that the connector fails or times out.  Try updating your View to use a shorter date range or continue to refresh your data.
    2. Data sources in Looker Studio are based on Views created within FunnelVision. If you encounter issues connecting to a View, ensure that the View has been saved recently. To resolve this, navigate to FunnelVision, Apply the View you want to connect, open the Filters or Attribution Settings, and click on "Save Changes to View." After doing this, try reconnecting the data source to the View for successful integration.
  5. How come my Looker Studio report has no data in it?
    Make sure that the date range in your View contains the date range selected in your Looker Studio report. If your View only includes data for the last 7 or 30 days, but your Looker Studio report is set to display data from 60 days ago, the View won't have information for that specific date range.
  6. How come my Grid column has no data?
    The data retrieved by the Wicked Reports Looker Studio connector comes directly from your FunnelVision View. When setting up a View, you choose which columns are displayed in your grid. As this data is brought into Looker Studio, only the columns visible in your FunnelVision View will contain data, even though all columns may appear in Looker Studio.