UTM Search Report, Contact CRM / Order UTM I see two different IDs for my contacts. Why?

When exploring the UTM Search Report -> Contact CRM / Order UTM tab within Wicked Reports, you'll be able to see orders from individual customers, as well as individual contacts in your CRM account, or contacts that you've added to Wicked Reports via the API.
As you can see below, there are two tabs in this area of Wicked Reports; "Contact / UTM Search" and "Order / UTM Search"
two different IDs for contacts Wicked Reports 
two different IDs for contacts Wicked Reports
The "Contact / UTM Search" tab will allow you to find Contacts.
The "Order / UTM Search" will allow you to find Orders.
You'll notice that the "Contact / UTM Search" has the Contact ID. This is the contact ID that we pull from your CRM. 
On the "Order / UTM Search" Tab, you'll see the individual orders, and each order will have a unique Order ID, as shown below
 two different IDs for contacts Wicked Reports 
The Contact ID and the Order ID are not the same, nor should they be.
The Contact ID is the number assigned to your contact by your CRM. 
The Order ID is the unique number assigned to the individual order. 
This is why the contact ID and Order ID should not be the same, and it's perfectly normal if they are not the same.
Remember, you're looking at Contacts when you select the "Contact / UTM Search" tab. On the other hand, you're looking at Orders when you select the "Order / UTM Search" tab.
From these two tabs, you can also filter by email address, email address, first name, last name and UTM values.
If you do actually see two different contact Ids for a specific email address, that would signify that the email address has been added to your list twice.  So, we've pulled both into Wicked Reports.