What to do if Facebook Ad Social Proof (likes, shares, and comments) is Lost

Wicked reports will do a one-time update to your ad URL parameters when you authorize Facebook within Wicked Reports. We will also auto-update your ad tracking within Facebook on an ongoing basis.
This action can, in a very small percentage of cases, result in the loss of your ad's social proof - likes, shares, and comments - or what Facebook refers to as Social Context.
Updating URL tags will always generate a new ad post, and in most cases, this new ad post will retain all of the social reactions of the previous version of the ad. In some cases, ad posts will not be eligible to retain their social reactions. 
 - Ryan Kintanar, Facebook Technical Product Manager
Because of this, when you authorize Facebook, we notify you and give you an opportunity to accept this risk or not. Please note that auto-updating of your ad tracking is required to use Wicked Reports because without tracking there is no data for analysis, which is the purpose of Wicked Reports.
We've worked with Facebook and are the world experts in what resets social context. We have taken every effort to ensure that your social proof is retained, but in some cases it will be lost by the tracking update that is applied to your ads.
To avoid this, you can manually setup tracking using the correct URL Parameters when you create the ad.
In cases where social proof is lost due to an automatic update of the tracking URL parameters, we can sometimes roll back the change for you and restore the social proof.
If you find yourself in this situation, please email support@wickedreports.com with the AD ID and the request to have auto-update rolled back if social proof can be restored.
We cannot guarantee it's possible to restore social proof in these cases, but we will attempt the recovery upon request.
Otherwise, we recommend allowing the tracking changes to stand so that you can get value and analysis from your Wicked Reports subscription.