What YouTube Ads Can Wicked Reports Track?

Wicked Reports has direct integration with Google Adwords. 
Because of this, we can track most of your YouTube Ads.
Which are the YouTube ads that Wicked Reports cannot track?
We can't track ads that are linking to other videos within YouTube.
Since you're not sending people to a page with the Wicked Reports Tracking Script, there is nothing we can do to track these types of ads.
We can track ads that send people off of YouTube, to a page that has your Wicked Reports Tracking Script on it, like a Landing Page or Blog Post.

Types of YouTube Ads

In-stream Ads

Trackable with Wicked Reports because the CTA allows you to link to a landing page. 

NOTE: In-stream ads require you to manually add UTMs to the tracking params section of your ad. Adwords/YouTube is NOT applying the tracking template to these ads. 

NOTE: If you add Cards to your In-Stream video Ads, you will need to add UTM tracking to the links in the Cards as the Template does not get applied to those clicks.  We recommend using the same UTMs you use on the In-Stream ads, themselves

In-display Ads

(not able to link to an outside landing page)
NOT TRACKABLE with Wicked Reports. However, you can add links and calls to action in your video if someone clicks on it, and to your YouTube Description Links

In-search Ads

Links to your YouTube video, and there are two options for the viewer to click to your website after the video has played. If you are able to add tracking links to the CTA inside the video, and the description link, you can track these ads.

HOWEVER... You will not get costs associated with the actual ad. Why? The click is taking people to your YouTube page, or YouTube video, therefore, the click is not trackable by Wicked Reports since you're not sending that traffic to an external URL/Landing Page.

Check out this helpful video on different types of YouTube ads from our Friends at Digital Marketer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLfy1eBt16I