Where Will 'Boosted Posts' Show Up In My Wicked Reports Account?

To see data on your Facebook Boosted Posts, simply go to the ROI Report and filter on "Facebook" as shown below.
**Note:   When you boost a post, Facebook will create a Campaign Name, Ad Set Name and Ad Name specifically for that boosted post.  They start with "post:" 
Once you choose your date range, and filter on "Facebook" you can hit APPLY.
After you hit apply, please hit the "Go To Detailed Reports" button, shown below:
Now you are at the "Detailed Reporting level".
From here, you'll want to filter by "Post" in the Medium section of the filters, shown below, and then hit "Apply":
Now you'll be looking at all of your Facebook Boosted Posts. 
If you're using WickedIDs in your Facebook ads (and consequently Boosted Posts most likely), you'll see "post" as the utm_medium.
If you're using UTMs, you can set whatever UTM values you like, so whatever you set those values to, that is how your Facebook Boosted Post will display.