Why don't my Facebook Ad Costs in Wicked Reports Match What Facebook Ads Manager is Reporting?

If you're not seeing any Facebook Ad costs in Wicked Reports, the most likely cause is that the correct Facebook account needs to be authorized or reauthorized.

But what if your account is authorized and you're not seeing the Ad Costs that you expect.

The most common cause is that the Facebook Campaign, Adset, or Ad name has been changed since Wicked Reports first started tracking activity and attribution for the related ad.

This happens because we attribute costs by unique UTM set, not by Facebook Campaign ID. Changing a campaign name creates a new unique UTM set in Wicked Reports, and therefore a new line item for costs.

If it's important to you that costs match between the Facebook Ads Manager UI and Wicked Reports, you'll need to create new campaigns for each UTM set. The same applies to Ad Sets and Ads. Renaming will always cause costs and attribution to be split.

I'll also note that we often see Facebook will appear to accrue costs over a couple trailing days from time to time. We're not sure why or how this happens, but we only pull data for the past day and have seen that occasionally this number will change over the following day or two. Since we don't reconcile backwards this can introduce some discrepancy. It's usually very close, but does not always allow for a dollar-for-dollar match in ad costs when comparing campaign to campaign - even for the same date range.