How to use the MRR Report

The MRR Report will show your Total MRR, New MRR and Churn broken down by month.

Wicked Reports MRR Calculation

To calculate MRR, we look at all of your subscriptions for a given month and break down the subscriptions by

  1. New MRR from new customers - First subscription in a chain for a customer
  2. Lost MRR due to churn - Existing customer has not had a subscription charge yet (if looking at current month) or customer subscription charged in prior month but not the following month. For example, if a customer had a subscription in December 2020 but then canceled in January 2021, their subscription amount would show up here.
  3. MRR Upgrades and Downgrades - Any changes to amounts for a customers subscription from one month to the next.

How to use the MRR Report

This report only looks at subscription for a month. If you pick a starting day in the middle of the month, the whole month will be included.

  1. Pick your time frame and/or products you'd like to filter your data. Click Filter once you have made a change.

How to read the data in the MRR Report

Total MRR Chart - This chart will breakdown your MRR data, by month, and show you the beginning MRR, MRR from new customers, MRR upgrades & downgrades and any MRR lost due to churn.

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New MRR - This chart will show you the New New MRR. It looks at New MRR from clients, MRR upgrades and downgrades and Lost MRR due to churn.

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Churn - This chart shows you your customer churn rate. Churn rate is calculated as a percentage by the following formula: Customers Lost / Customers at Start of Period

If a customer's subscription has not charged yet, it will show as churned until it charges. This is how Wicked makes sure a customer still has a valid subscription.

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Q: Why is my churn so high for the current month?

A: Wicked Reports doesn't recognize MRR revenue until the charge actually shows up from your order system. Saying it another way, we assume your customers have churned at the start of each month and only when their subscription charges do we remove the churn.