Wicked Playbook: What is my Future LTV Impact?

Understanding the Future LTV Impact of your customers and how long it takes for them to double in value is a useful tool when analyzing your marketing data.

Understanding when your customers double in value starts at the New Customer Cohort Report.


1. Navigate to New Customer Cohort Report under Cohort Analysis

2. In the Filters, select one year of data and Apply filters

3. Start by looking down the Customer Value Day 0 column

For the new customers in a given month, this is the Avg. value of new customers on the day they make their first purchase.

4. Based on your business model and how long it takes for your customers to start making their second and third purchases, pick a month to compare to Customer Value Day 0 (i.e. Month 1, Month 2, Month 3, etc.)

5. Determine the Future LTV impact by comparing Customer Value Day 0 to that month

Example: (Month 3 LTV - Day 0 LTV) / Day 0 LTV

6. When going through the Scale/Kill/Chill Framework, this Future LTV Impact will be an important part of your analysis.