What Attribution Model Should I Use? (ROI Report)

TWhen analyzing your data, using the proper attribution model is critical.

The intent of a marketing campaign and goal of your data analysis are the two important factors when selecting an attribution model.

When you first start using Wicked Reports, Last Click and Full Impact attribution are the best to use for the first few weeks.

After a buying cycle of data has been accumulated, you can start acting on the rest of the attribution model's ROI & LTV calculations.

To analyze campaign(s) with a specific intent (TOF/MOF/BOF), use Single-Touch attribution models:

Top Of Funnel (TOF)

  • First Click: 100% of revenue goes to the very 1st tracked click a customer makes
  • New Lead: Ideal for TOF Lead Gen Campaigns. 100% of revenue goes to the click before the first optin of the customer

Middle Of Funnel (MOF)

  • Last Click with "Include MOF Conversions" selected will show additional middle of funnel conversions
  • Re-Engaged Lead: Ideal for MOF campaigns where leads may be re-opting into your funnel. 100% of revenue goes to the most recent re-optin before a purchase

Bottom Of Funnel (BOF)

  • Last Click: 100% of revenue goes to the Last Click before a purchase

To see attribution across the entire customer journey, select Multi-Touch attribution models:

  • Full Impact: Ideal for measuring overall effectiveness of campaigns
    • 100% of revenue goes to all tracked attribution touchpoints (First Click, First Optin, Re-Optin, and Last Click)
    • Because each touchpoint will get credit for a sale, adding up attributed revenue for all the rows will not match order source. However, the Revenue in the Summary section will.
  • Linear: Ideal for identifying where in the customer journey a campaign is effective
    • Revenue is divided between the attribution touchpoints (First Click, First Optin, Re-Optin, and Last Click)
    • Attributed revenue matches closer to order source revenue


In the ROI Report Filters, open the Attribution Model dropdown, select the appropriate model and Apply Changes