Can I Track Traffic from Non-Native Ad Networks Using Wicked Reports?

Yes, you can track traffic from any ad platform or traffic source with Wicked Reports...
This applies to tracking ads from Bing, Taboola, Outbrain, Programmatic, and any other ad platform that allows you to track traffic with UTM parameters
As long as you can add UTM values to the links in your ads and drive that traffic to a tracked landing page and Wicked Reports will track those clicks, just like all other clicks.
However, we will not be able to give you automatic ROI numbers inside your reporting.
Since we don't have native integrations with those platforms we cannot pull your Ad Costs, thus we would be unable to give you accurate ROI numbers. 
**This does not mean that we cannot track your ads.**
You will have the ability to manually add costs and associate them with your ads traffic. 
Wicked Reports will still be able to tell you how many clicks, leads, and sales came from your Ads, but the cost of those ads (and the ROI) will be dependent up the manually added costs you provide.
NOTE: To effectively import ad costs will require daily updates and you will need to be able to provide the specific UTMs associated with the cost. This will require additional cross-referencing between known UTMs per ad and the cost information from your ad platform.
 For example, if you're running 3 ads to 2 target audiences each totally 6 unique UTM sets, you will need to be able to provide cost data for each UTM set per day for upload into Wicked Reports to get complete ROI reporting.