Facebook Leads Conversions API Integration

Wicked Reports can send lead conversion data to Facebook using our Facebook Leads Conversions integration.

Conversion data inside of Facebook Ads manager

Activating the Facebook Leads Conversions feature

View the specific conversions sent to Facebook

Note: Conversions API is currently only available for Wicked Accounts using Klaviyo, DRIP, Active Campaign, Hubspot and Infusionsoft

Conversion Data Inside Facebook Ads Manager

This integration allows you to see lead conversion events inside Facebook Ad manager interface.  To see the lead conversion events inside of Facebook Ad, click on Business Tools -> Events Manager. Select the pixel you are tracking and look for the Lead Events:

Clicking on the row will expand to provide additional event details:

The column Include in "Conversions" column determines if this conversion data is used to power Smart Campaigns.  More on the considerations for which conversions to use, and when, in the important settings section.

Activate the Facebook Leads Conversions feature

To activate Facebook Leads Conversions Integration go to Conversion Integrations -> Facebook -> Settings. Then check the box next to Activate Facebook Conversions API Integration:

Once checked, you will see a new table:

This new table allows you to set the lead conversion value.

Wicked Reports provide you with the past 30-day lead value for your account to help you set the amount. Anytime a New Lead occurs for one of your, this value will be uploaded to Facebook to help optimize your ads.

You also need to select which Facebook business you want to configure. Once you select your business, click Start Setup New Configuration which will now show you the pixels for each business.

Pick the pixel you'd like to track leads against and click Finish Setup New Configuration.

In order for Deduplication to work in Facebook, the Facebook Pixel eventID for the Lead Event must match the event_id which Wicked sends to Facebook. Wicked sends the email address as the event_id therefore, the Facebook Pixel's eventID must be email as well. You also have the option of NOT sending Lead Events from your other platforms to Facebook.

Once you have enabled Facebook Leads Conversions, we check for new leads from your CRM every 10 minutes and try to match them with a fbclid. If we find a match, we push it to Facebook immediately.

View the specific conversions sent to Facebook

You can see the exact conversion data sent by Wicked to Facebook under the Conversion Integrations -> Facebook -> Conversion Upload History menu: 

A variety of filters are available for you to choose from. Today's date is picked by default and you can see the leads being sent as Wicked sends them. You are able to see the Conversion Name, Value, Date, Pixel ID, Event ID (email) and Contact ID for each event we send to Facebook