Google Conversion Optimizer Settings


Enabling Google Offline Conversion Integration Settings

In order to enable Google Offline Conversions, you will need to check the box next to Activate Google Offline Conversion Integration (see above).

Once checked, you will see a new table:

This new table allows you to set the conversion values for a New Lead and Re Optin. Wicked Reports provide you with the past 30-day lead value for your account to help you set the amount. Anytime a New Lead or Re Optin occurs for one of your Google AdWords campaigns, these values will be uploaded to Google to help increase machine learning for your campaigns.

Once you have finished making your choices, click Save to finish enabling Google Offline Conversions and save your values.

Note: Once you have enabled WGCO, conversions will start being sent to Google starting the next day.

The 5 conversions shown above will be sent to Google and the setting in Google Ads for Include in 'Conversions' will be set to Yes by default. See the image below to see the conversion action names and Include in the 'Conversions' setting.

google conversion optimizer settings

Disabling Google Offline Conversion Integration

To disable Google Offline Conversion Integration, uncheck the box next to Activate Google Offline Conversion Integration and then click Save.