How Can I Track Offline Marketing?

As your company grows, you may find that you are expanding your marketing outside of common online marketing strategies.  You may start a podcast.  You may use Periscope.  You may advertise in a magazine or a newspaper.  You may do direct mail.
All of these mediums pose problems for online tracking, because there is no "Click" to be collected by the lead, which got them to your site.
If you find yourself in this place, here is the strategy we recommend to get the best possible tracking in Wicked Reports for these Offline efforts.
  1. Set up a URL for Offline Marketing. There are a couple options for this.  
    • Landing Page URL off of your Domain
    • Purchase a New Domain for this purpose (preferred)
  2. Use this URL in the Marketing (Tell podcast listeners to go to it, use it in your print ads, etc.)
  3. Have the new URL do a Redirect to the actual desired landing page and pass the UTMs in the URL for tracking
    • Assume that my offline marketing is an ad in the Wall Street Journal.  I may use the following UTMs in my redirect
    • Assume that my offline marketing is a Radio ad.  I may use the following UTMs in my redirect
  4. Add the Marketing Costs to Wicked Reports
    1. Click here to learn how
  5. Look at the ROI Report and select "wsj" (or whatever value you used in utm_source) to see how it's performing.
With this strategy, you will start to see which of your offline efforts are actually working best and are worth the money.  Please keep in mind that since there is no click for us to track, your customer could simply google you after seeing your ad and show up organically.  So, this will NOT be 100% tracked but will begin to provide very high quality data if set up properly.