How do I import a single order that contains multiple products?

In other words, how to import a single OrderID with multiple ProductIDs

Our native integrations, found on your Wicked Authorizations page, are able to automatically import single orders that contain multiple products. There is no additional work required.

If you need to import orders that contain multiple products using a non-native method, you have two options:

API or Zapier (Recommended)

Our API is able to import a single order that contains multiple products.
To accomplish this, manually develop the API integration or create Orders via Zapier.

CSV or HTTP Post

Our CSV import and HTTP Post options are NOT able to import single orders with multiple productIDs. Instead, you will create separate rows for each productID. Each row must have a unique OrderID.

Here is an example

This original order:
OrderID: 1 with ProductIDs: A and B

Needs to be transformed into separate rows like this:
OrderID: 1 with ProductID: A
OrderID: 2 with ProductID: B