How to Run a Live Test

Test that your optins and/or sales are tracking and being reported properly inside of Wicked Reports.


When to Run a Live Test

Steps to Run a Live Test


When to Run a Live Test

Some scenarios when you might want to run a live test include:

Steps to Run a Live Test

Note: Before running a live test, validate that you have tracking setup properly on your webpage and forms by using the Tracking Validation Tool.

Before you begin your live test, be sure that you are taking note of the details of your test. We recommend using the following template, so you can send it to our team if you have questions - as well as recording your screen

Example Template



      • Date - 
      • Email - 
      • URL - 
  1. Add UTMs to your URL. We recommend using the same UTM structure for every test.
      1. UTM Source = Test
      2. UTM Campaign = Test
      3. UTM Content = a note about what you're testing + date-time
        1. Ex: utm_content=webinar-landing-page-04-02-21-1056am-ET
    1. If you are testing Facebook, and want to test a specific ad, you can use: ?wickedSource=Facebook&wickedId={}
  2. Visit the Landing Page with your Test UTMs present, and be sure to give the page time to fully load.
  3. Submit your Optin or Purchase
    1. IMPORTANT! Use the same email address for all tests
      Multiple tests with different email addresses on the same browser can result in all clicks being associated with the final email address tested in Wicked.
  4. Review your results the next morning by going to Reports > Customer LTV
    1. Searching for the email address you used to test
    2. If the contact populates, you can click on the contact and a new tab will appear with the Contact ID. Click on this new tab to look through tracked clicks, optins and sales.
    3. If the contact does not populate, or the live test didn't track properly, contact with the details and/or video of the live test to have our support team assist.