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How to track BetterCart

When using BetterCart checkout pages through Shopify, follow these steps to set up tracking

1. Inside of the BetterCart app within your Shopify store, click on Settings > Custom Scripts

2. Click, Create Custom Script

3. Inside of the modal, ensure the pages option is set to All Pages

3. Copy & Paste the Wicked Tracking Code inside the custom script section

To find your Wicked Tracking Code, go to Setup > Tracking Code

4. Click, Update

5. Validate that your Wicked Tracking Code is on the Checkout Page

  • Follow these steps to validate that the tracking code is deployed properly onto your checkout pages.
  • If you've followed these steps and the tracking code is not on the page, then ensure there are no unnecessary spaces or page breaks in the code. If the problem persists, contact BetterCart's support team to assist you with placing the tracking code inside their software