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How to track SMS text message sales conversions

SMS is a rapidly growing sales channel. This is how to track the results inside of Wicked Reports

Tracking SMS sales using popular ecommerce SMS text platforms such as Attentive can be done easily in 2 steps:

  1. Put UTMs on the SMS links.
  2. Make sure the destination URL of the SMS has the Wicked tracking code.
  3. View the results the next day inside of Wicked Reports.

Put UTMs on the SMS links

This simple step is important to get right.  Undoubtedly you are hustling with many marketing channels contributing to your bottom line.  Appending UTM links on your SMS marketing will allow that channel to be evaluated properly. Here's the naming structure we recommend.

UTM variable UTM value
Source The name of the software platformsending SMS
Medium sms
Campaign The name of the campaign/flow within the SMS platform
Content (optional) The hook/offer of the SMS sent
Term (optional) The segment of your audience

If I were sending out a SMS to people on my Wicked Reports list using the SMS platform, Attentive, and it was the first text from my Welcome sequence offering a deal on our onboarding, I would format my link like this:


Note - the utm_content & utm_term values are optional, additional insight.  I could also have merely put:


Make sure the destination URL of the SMS has the Wicked tracking code

Applying the tracking code is generally very straight forward.  For more details on how to do that, see our guide here:  https://help.wickedreports.com/complete-guide-to-installing-and-testing-the-wicked-reports-tracking-code

View the results the next day inside of Wicked Reports

After sending out a SMS text message, you can view the results inside of Wicked Reports in 2 places.

If your SMS is in your top 10 marketing channel list, you will see it on Mission Control:

You can drill into much more detail by going to the ROI Report.  Continuing with the example using Attentive as the SMS platform, I can run this report for the last 30 days using Last Click to see exactly how many sales were converted due to Attentive SMS:

and specific SMS campaign/flow performance:

Someone's killing the SMS game!

If you are sending SMS text messages, follow these 3 simple steps and gain more insight into customers that convert via SMS.